Jess Manafort is obsessed with interpreting the world around her by translating it
into various forms of art.

Jess was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Her mother claims she made her
first movie at the age of 3, when she started directing a home video that her father
was shooting of her. She wrote her first book "Snowball The Bunny" at the age of 6.

After spending her youth and adolescence subjecting every relative, friend, and kid
in the neighborhood to either appearing in or sitting through some sort of creative
performance she conducted, Jess attended NYU Tisch and committed to filmmaking.

In 2005, Jess received a production grant from NYU to make her first feature script,
THE BEAUTIFUL ORDINARY. She shot the film in 2006, premiered it at 2007 LAFF,
and it opened in theaters in 2008 (under a new title which she will never get over).

Jess continues to produce, write, and direct. She runs her production company
MIRROR CUBE FILMS out of Downtown Los Angeles; she is a founder of the
Filmmaker Collective MIRROR CUBE STUDIO, and an editor of the electronic
arts publication THE MIRROR CUBE.

Jess is an optimist, she believes in people, and she is inspired by the ever-evolving
human condition and the beauty of the senses.